C.B.T. (Compulsory basic training)

All learner motorcycle, and learner moped riders must complete a C.B.T. course before riding on the road. The C.B.T course can only be provided by approved training bodies.

The C.B.T course syllabus has five elements which are listed below;

Element A. Introduction
Element B Practical on-site training
Element C Practical on-site riding
Element D Practical on-road training
Element E Practical on-road riding.

When all five elements have been completed, a DL196 C.B.T. certificate will be issued, this will last for two years.

If you would like any further information, or would like to book a course, please call for an informal chat on our contact number.


Motorcycle licence ( A 1) Min age is 17

This licence is obtained if the practical test is taken on a bike over 120cc, but not more than 125cc and is capable of at least 55 miles per hour, and engine power of no more than 11kW, after you have had this licence for two years you can progress to an A2 licence.

Motorcycle licence ( A 2) Min age is 19

This licence is obtained if the practical test is taken on a bike of at least 395cc with an engine power between 25kW and 35kW, after you have this licence for 2 years you can progress to progressive access.

Direct Access Scheme (A) Min age 24

This scheme is designed for the over 24s who want an unrestricted licence, and must pass the test on a over 595cc motorcycle with a power output of at least 53.6bhp. After passing the test, the rider will be fully qualified with no restrictions.

Training courses for both of these schemes, vary between 2 and 5 days depending on the riderís ability

Refresher Courses

This course is for those wishing to return to motorcycling after an absence (born again bikers) designed to polish-up the ability of the inexperienced rider, up-dating skills and road awareness, leading to better confidence and safety.